The Adirondacks
The Adirondacks are a fascinating place to experience remote, big woods hunting, no matter your hunting style. The Adirondack Park is a six-million acre mosaic of public and private land. Just under half of the Park is public land and is called the Adirondack Forest Preserve and these lands fall under a number of classifications that hunters should be aware of. The region is also rich in history and lore. The following links are to resources that will help you learn more about the region, especially in relation to hunting.

Here are some quick links to get you pointed in the right direction for your Adirondack hunting adventures, and beyond, including a few sample chapters from *Deer Hunting in the Adirondacks.

Map and compass skills come highly recommended no matter where you hunt. If you are going to hunt in the Adirondacks you should not be in the woods without one or more of either. Maps and aerial photos are also very handy tools for finding and studying potential hunting locations. The internet has plenty to offer here.

More DEC Quick Links
The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) website and mobile app provide numerous resources and information. Here’s a few key links:

Hunting Clubs
We’re often asked about private hunting clubs seeking members. Here’s a list that we know of. If you would like to have your club listed, feel free to contact us at

Local, county and regional tourism agencies and chambers of commerce are excellent sources for food and lodging options 


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