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Welcome to the new, and hopefully improved,  version of This website was born on the eve of the Big Game/Rifle season in 2000 with the idea of giving hunters who roam the Adirondacks and New York’s Northern Zone a home on the Internet. Here we celebrate the heritage of big woods, back-country deer hunting in all shapes, styles and forms. Thousands of hunters have shared photos and stories of their hunts here over the years and many more have logged in to keep up on the latest news and lore.

We hope you enjoy the redesign, which serves a couple of purposes. First, we just needed to get reorganized. Next, was the idea to get with the times and not only produce the website in a modern format, but also one that makes it more compatible with the today’s average Internet user who favors a tablet or smartphone over a desktop computer. Lastly, we want to position ourselves to offer sponsorship in the future.

Much thought and analyses went into this project with the result being what you now see. This is not the end result, however, as over time we will continue to tweak this website and continue to look for ways to enhance it while keeping the basic theme and idea from 2000 in place. Below is an overview of the new look. Thanks for visiting.

This is basically the “home” page of and is where news items will be posted along with recent photos, and of course, our latest thoughts and comments. The latter is something we really keep up with during the Big Game and even the spring turkey season.

Rather than a list of events, we now have an online calendar. Have fun navigating this and be sure to send us your events.

This is something that is long overdue. We like to give hunters, especially those new to the Adirondacks or to hunting in general, some information to point them in the right direction. This is a page that will likely change from time to time.

Hunters like to know weather details and our sunrise/sunset chart has always been a popular quick reference. Around it we’ve set up some weather widgets for areas around the Adirondacks and also added some other information as well, including Full Moon dates.

I’ve written two books and am always working on other projects. This gives me an opportunity to tell you about them.

The most popular pages on this website have always been the home page when it’s loaded with photos as well as the photos page itself.  This time around we’re breaking it up a bit and have our new Wall of Fame full of past photos as well as a main photos page for recent photos. These pages will continue to be a work in progress, including how we ask you to go about submitting photos.

Don’t look now, but that’s where you currently are. We’ve also added a web author bio and contact information.

While we’ll never put as much effort into fishing, especially photos, as we do hunting, it is still a big part of what sportsmen in the Adirondacks do. Therefore, on this page we’ll  maintain some basic links and keep up with the latest news, especially in regard to invasive species prevention and information.


Thanks for your continued support. Dan Ladd –

Please, no third party solicitations for articles promoting a particular product or service.
We hear all the time from “so-called” writers who want to submit articles
that have nothing to do with hunting in the Adirondacks.