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2015-16 Hunting Season Dates

Warren County Conservation Council

DEC’s Yearling Buck Management Plan from 2013

SAFE Act Memorandum suspends ammo background checks (7/12)

Saranac Lakes Chain Locks have limited hours (7/12)
The Lower Locks on the Saranac Lakes Chain are open and are operated electronically by DEC staff between 10 am and 9 pm. Manual operations are not functioning properly, therefore boaters will not be able to pass through the locks between 9 pm and 10 am.

Sporting Licenses go on sale Aug. 10

Improvements to the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s sporting license-issuance and game harvest reporting system are in place in time for this year’s hunting season, DEC Acting Commissioner Marc Gerstman announced July 30. In addition, DEC changed the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) to streamline the program and expand opportunities for landowners needing deer management assistance.

“DEC talked to the sporting community and license-issuing agents, and made significant improvements to the licensing system based on their feedback,” Acting Commissioner Gerstman said. “These improvements streamline the process to buy sporting licenses. We look forward to welcoming sportsmen and sportswomen to the vast array of opportunities New York offers to go afield in the upcoming hunting and trapping seasons.”

Enhanced Sporting License Automated System
DEC and the New York State Office of Information Technology Services worked with contractors to make DEC’s sporting license-issuance and game harvest system more user friendly and faster to enhance service to New York’s hunters, anglers and trappers. Two new user interfaces make selling licenses by license-issuing agents and purchases by online customers easier and more intuitive. Continue reading →

DEC: Fall Turkey Seasons will be two weeks only

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today adopted new regulations to shorten fall turkey hunting seasons in New York State due to a declining turkey population across the state. The new fall seasons are two weeks long with a statewide season bag limit of one bird of either sex. Season dates vary regionally with the season in the Northern Zone running October 1-14, the Southern Zone running October 17-30, and Suffolk County (Long Island) running November 21-December 4.

“Declining wild turkey populations across the state make it necessary to shorten the hunting season,” DEC outgoing Commissioner Joe Martens said. “It is important to responsibly manage New York’s wild turkey populations to ensure that future generations of hunters have the opportunity to go afield.” Continue reading →

Tug Hill North to see Recreational Improvements

Expanded recreational activities will be offered at the Tug Hill North Unit under the final Unit Management Plan (UMP) released today by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Acting Commissioner Marc Gerstman.

“Throughout the planning process, the community and other stakeholders expressed support for goals set by the UMP,” Acting Commissioner Gerstman said.  “The plan provides for sound stewardship of   healthy, sustainable and biologically diverse forests while creating greater opportunities for forest-based recreation that will bring economic benefits to local communities and residents. The Tug Hill North UMP has been well-received locally and in particular by those who enjoy snowmobiling, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, trapping, cross-country skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.”

The UMP launches a series of actions including to: Continue reading →


A plan to establish a 40-mile community connector multiple-use trail system between the communities of Minerva, Newcomb and North Hudson in the Adirondacks has been approved, state Department of Environmental Conservation Acting Commissioner Marc Gerstman announced .

The finalization of the plan will allow for construction to begin immediately on 18-miles of new trail between Newcomb and Minerva. The entire trail is expected to be completed by 2018, with portions of the trail being open to the public next year. Work will also begin next year on the trail connecting Newcomb and North Hudson, starting with the construction of a bridge over the outlet of Palmer Pond near the hamlet of North Hudson.  The whole trail system is expected to be completed by 2022, with new trail segments becoming available for public recreation every year until the completed date.

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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today encouraged New Yorkers to participate in a survey for wild turkeys throughout the month of August.

Citizen science efforts provide wildlife managers with invaluable data and give the public the opportunity to partner with DEC to help monitor New York’s wildlife resources. Participants can record observations of turkeys while exploring the forests and fields around their home or driving through the state’s beautiful landscapes this summer.

Since 1996, DEC has conducted the Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey to estimate the number of wild turkey poults (young of the year) per hen statewide. Weather, predation and habitat conditions during the breeding and brood-rearing seasons can all significantly impact nest success, hen survival and poult survival. This index allows us to gauge reproductive success and predict fall harvest potential.

During the month of August, survey participants record the sex and age composition of all flocks of wild turkeys observed during normal travel. Those that would like to participate can download a Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey form from the DEC website:

Detailed instructions can be found with the data sheet. Survey cards can also be obtained by contacting your regional DEC office, by calling (518) 402-8886, or by e-mailing (type “Turkey Survey” in the subject line). Observations can also be submitted online at

Additional information can be found on DEC’s website at the below direct links:


DEC Announces Tentative 2015-16 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons

The tentative schedule for many of New York’s 2015-16 migratory game bird seasons is now available, allowing sportsmen and sportswomen to plan outdoor activities well in advance, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today. Tentative season dates for ducks, geese, woodcock, snipe and rails can be found on the DEC website.

“Each year, DEC announces the tentative schedule so hunters can begin making plans for a safe and successful season,” Commissioner Martens said. “Hunters are still reminded to check the final dates, usually issued in late summer, before going afield.”

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Township 19 Conservation Easement, Hamilton County gets $7,500

Four outdoor access projects to make outdoor recreational sites more accessible to New Yorkers of all abilities are now complete, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced.  The $245,000 in projects are part of a statewide effort to increase access to boat launches, fishing access sites, trails and other outdoor sites and are funded by the NY Works program.

Among them, DEC has opened new roads and facilities on nearly 25,000 acres of forest preserve and conservation easement lands in the Adirondacks, including The Township 19 Conservation Easement in the town of Indian Lake.  DEC crews created a 1,600-acre open public recreation use area using 2.6 miles of O’Neil Flow Road and Barker Pond Road.  This provides access to Barker Pond, and hunting and camping on an adjacent forest preserve parcel. Continue reading →

Another Spring Turkey Season in the Books

It’s Over: Well, after five weekends of turkey hunting the Spring Season is over. In trying to gauge the season the one factor that seems to stand out is the weather. Other than the final weekend, the previous four weekends were all warm, which can be tough for turkey hunters. We hope you had a good season and if you got your bird, or two, send us a photo. Meanwhile, be sure to read the post below that proposes to make changes to the fall turkey hunting seasons. Comment period ends June 29.

Latest turkey hunting photos: 

Visit DEC’s Turkey Hunting Page:


DEC Releases 2014-15 Deer Harvest Data

Hunters harvested approximately 238,670 deer during the 2014-15 hunting seasons, slightly less than the statewide take the previous year, state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

“Regulated deer reduces the negative impacts of deer on forests, communities and crop producers while also providing over 10 million pounds of high quality local protein annually,” said Commissioner Martens. “Governor Cuomo’s NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative expands hunting opportunities statewide for sportsmen and sportswomen by improving access, streamlining fishing and hunting licenses and reducing license fees.”

The estimated 2014-15 deer take included 130,068 antlerless deer (adult females and fawns) and 108,604 adult bucks (1.5 years or older). Statewide, this represents a very stable antlerless harvest (up by 1 percent) and only a minor decrease in buck harvest, down 5 percent from 2013 and 2 percent from the recent 5-year average. Regionally, hunters in the Northern Zone took 29,075 deer, including 16,727 adult bucks. In the Southern Zone, hunters took 206,106 deer, including about 90,702 adult bucks. The estimated harvest on Long Island (Suffolk County) was 3,491 deer, including 1,175 adult bucks.

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